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Welcome to Oakridge Summer School

Oakridge Public Schools is offering credit recovery during Summer School via ONLINE CLASSES!  While online classes can range from the most simple, self-paced tutorials to highly interactive, instructor-led, content-rigorous experiences, Oakridge offers a blend of Michigan aligned content, self-paced tutorials, and a certified teacher facilitated environment.  

Online learning does have its benefits and pitfalls.  The benefits can include expanding the curriculum offerings beyond what many individual schools and school districts are able to provide; offering student opportunities for credit recovery; and focusing on the individual learner in a new and unique way through enhanced communication and delivery tools, as well as the ‘anytime, anywhere’ method of deliver.  The potential pitfalls for those who venture into this modality can include the lack of student self-discipline and motivation to work in a self paced environment; the inability to keep up with ongoing, sometimes rigorous expectations without the constraints of a fixed time and place setting; and the isolation that may occur from this form of individual learning.

To take advantage of the benefits, Oakridge Summer School will allow all enrolled students individual access to a computer, a high-speed fiber optic network, and highly engaging online courses.  To avoid the potential pitfalls mentioned, the HS Media Center Computer Lab will be open for defined hours with a certified teacher to mentor, coach, and facilitate students toward successful completion of the course. 

 We believe this will offer a ‘best of both worlds’ option for students to regain credit.  Welcome to the Oakridge Summer School!

Last Modified on April 27, 2015