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For Staff - Teaching Framework

Oakridge Teaching Framework and Evaluation Program
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The Oakridge Teaching Framework and Evaluation Program is the result of the collaboration and cooperation of Oakridge Public Schools teachers, administrators, and nationally recognized authorities in the field of effective teaching research. Research and legislation that influenced this work includes the following: 1) “Teacher Evaluation To Enhance Professional Practice” by Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal, 2) “Enhancing Professional Practice – A Framework for Teaching, 2nd edition” by Charlotte Danielson, 3) “The Widget Effect” by The New Teacher Project authors Daniel Weisberg, Susan Sexton, Jennifer Mulhern, and David Keeling, 4) “Local Guide to Developing Effective Teacher Evaluation System” by AFT Michigan – A Union of Professional (AFL-CIO), and 5) Michigan Public Act 102 of 2011. In a single document, we have expressed what we believe effective teachers do in their classrooms and what the most recent research reflects. The Oakridge Standards for Effective Teaching within this handbook consists of 6 domains.

As research in the area of effective teaching continues, professionals learn more about teaching and its relationship to student learning. We have done our best to capture the dynamic and interactive processes of teaching. We expect our educators to incorporate the 6 domains with their current successful practices. It is with pride and pleasure that the Oakridge Teaching Framework and Evaluation Program and the Standards for Effective Teaching within are presented to the educators of Oakridge Public Schools. This document is an example of the commitment that Oakridge educators have to the improvement of public education in our community. All of those involved in the development of the Oakridge Teaching Framework and Evaluation Program hope it will serve as a valuable tool in our continuous pursuit of equity and excellence.

With the involvement of teachers and school administrators, we believe this Oakridge Teaching Framework and Evaluation Program and the Standards for Effective Teaching within are a rigorous, transparent, and fair performance evaluation system that fully aligns with the following requirements in Public Act 102 of 2011:

  1. Evaluates the teacher's job performance at least annually while providing timely and constructive feedback.
  2. Establishes clear approaches to measuring student growth and provides teachers with relevant data on student growth.
  3. Evaluates a teacher's job performance, using multiple rating categories that take into account data on student growth as a significant factor. For these purposes, student growth shall be measured by national, state, or local assessments and other objective criteria.
  4. Uses the evaluations, at a minimum, to inform decisions regarding all of the following:
    1. The effectiveness of teachers, ensuring that they are given ample opportunities for improvement.
    2. Promotion, retention, and development of teachers, including providing relevant coaching, instruction support, or professional development.
    3. Whether to grant tenure or full certification, or both, to teachers using rigorous standards and streamlined, transparent, and fair procedures.
    4. Removing ineffective tenured and untenured teachers after they have had ample opportunities to improve, and ensuring that these decisions are made using rigorous standards and streamlined, transparent, and fair procedures.
  • It IS a commitment to the growth and development of teachers and administrators.
  • It IS a statement that communicates our beliefs about effective teaching.
  • It IS a synthesis of teaching behaviors that promotes student learning and is supported by research, learning theory, and expert opinion.
  • It IS a continuous source of information on effective teaching which will be reviewed and updated periodically.
  • It IS a resource for teachers and administrators to use in their roles as instructional decision makers.
  • It is Not an attempt to supercede Board adopted curriculum or prescribe one way for all Oakridge teachers to teach.
  • It is Not an outline of elements of instruction that are expected every day in every lesson and in the same order in which they appear in the Standard.
Last Modified on January 20, 2012