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Our School - Parent Resources

Disclaimer:  Oakridge Public Schools does not support nor have any affiliation with any of the Websites listed.  Enter these sites at your own risk.  For your safety and for the security of your computer do not click on advertising links.  We also recommend that you do not respond to any instant messages from parties you do not know. 

The ABC's of Parenting
The ABC’s of Parenting is a comprehensive site that covers everything from nutrition, education, and caring for children to motherhood and fatherhood.

The National Parenting Center
The National Parenting Center -  Welcome to the internet’s finest parent-friendly support site!

The Parent’s Place 
An online magazine that covers all aspects of parenting.  A great resource for all types of parents.

Kids Health for Parents  
A resource site for parents that gives good advice on how to keep your children healthy no matter what the age.

Center for Effective Parenting
This site contains some very helpful parenting information. However, please remember that all children are different, and see a physician for your child's individual needs.

Parent Soup
New to parenting or have some advice for others? Chat with fellow parents or read Parent Soup's informative articles.

Big Chalk
Big Chalk - Great sites to help parents help their kids with those difficult assignments.

Daily Tips4Parents 
Giving you short, sharp, to-the-point tips to help make your parenting journey a smoother ride.

Idea Box 
Growing community of parents and teachers interested in raising and educating children.

Who says parenting can’t be fun?  Lots of ideas and activities to do with your child.

Kinder Start 
“Because kids don’t come with instructions.”

Homework Help by Grade
From how to study for weekly quizzes to tips on writing research reports, help your child tackle his homework at every age and stage.  

Parents Talk
An online parent magazine.