Upper Elementary

Our School - Student Handbook


Dear Parents and Students:


            I look forward to an exciting school year and getting to know each of you at Oakridge Upper Elementary School.  We are fortunate to have an eager and caring staff that embraces the art of teaching and learning for each of our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.


            A child’s day at school is much like putting together a puzzle.  Each piece fits uniquely together with another until a picture is complete.  Much in the same way, your child is working daily to assemble math, english, reading, science, social studies, and specials to fit meaningfully together into one large grade level of information.  How all of the pieces come together and when the big picture is complete is unique for each child.  Parents, encourage your child by reviewing their Friday Folder with them.  We look forward to sharing your child’s success along the way with you.


            Oakridge Upper Elementary School welcomes parents to call or stop in when questions or concerns arise regarding your child’s education.  Communication is a key component to a successful school year for your child.  Please be sure to discuss with your child’s teacher your concerns, ideas, comments, or questions.  Together as a team, we will honor the ideal of what is best for all children.  Please click here to download a copy of our OUE Handbook.


Your Partner in Education,




 Pollie Gilchrist

Principal, Oakridge Upper Elementary School