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Hello my name is Russ Woodwyk and welcome to my web page.  This is my 13th year teaching at Oakridge public schools and 19th year overall. I have taught 8th grade Science at the middle school and Physical Education at the O.L.E. & O.U.E. Schools.  My goal as a P.E. teacher is to not only give students a fun experience put to instill Life skills which I learned as a student. Examples: Play by the rules, Taking turns,Try your best, Never give up, Make new friends, Be Humble, Accept the differences of others, Consider the feelings of others, Show Sportsmanship, Use equipment safely and DO the RIGHT THING!
Skills I use in life, I learned as a student in Physical education.
Daily Gym Schedule 
Oakridge Upper Elementary
8:25-9:10 6th grade 
9:10-9:55 5th grade
9:55-10:40 4th grade 
Oakridge Lower Elementary
12:20-1:05 3rd grade
1:05-1:50 Kindergarten
1:55-2:40 1st grade
2:40-3:25 2nd grade
Teacher - O.L.E. & O.U.E. Physical Education
Coach - O.M.S. Football and 7th grade Boys Basketball
Contact Information
School Phone Number 788-7555  
Mr. Woodwyk
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