Middle School

Teachers - Holmberg, Kirk

On this page students will find important handouts or notes that were distributed in class.  I will keep these posted for the duration of the marking period.  Just click on the link to the document to view or print it. 
Unit Four Handouts: "Expansion and Reform"
        Chapter 11 note packet: "North and South Take Different Paths" (.pdf format)
        Chapter 11, Section 1: "The Industrial Revolution: (.pdf format)
        Chapter 11, Section 3: "The Plantation South" (.pdf format)
        Chapter 11 Review Sheet (.pdf format)
        Chapter 12, Section 1 handout: "An Age of Reform" (.pdf format)
        Chapter 12, Section 2 handout:  "The Fight Against Slavery" (.pdf format)
        Chapter 12, Section 3 handout: "A Call For Women's Rights" (.pdf format) 
        Chapter 13 notes packet: "Westward Expansion" (.pdf format)
        Chapter 13, Section 2 notes: "Trails to the West" (.pdf format)
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