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Teachers - Holmberg, Kirk

8th Grade Social Studies

Eighth grade Social Studies introduces students to the history of the United States from the Articles of Confederation to the end of the 19th century (approx. 1783-1898).   Using primary and secondary sources, they explore time and place in 19th century America.  Students also evaluate the challenges faced by the new nation and the roles of political and social leaders in meeting these challenges.  They also analyze the nature and effect of territorial, demographic, and economic growth in the 19th century.  Students identify early attempts to abolish or contain slavery and to realize the ideals of the Declaration of Independence for all.  In studying the Civil War and Reconstruction, students evaluate multiple causes, key events, and complex consequences of the war and its aftermath.   
Eighth grade U.S. History consists of ten units of study:
  1.  Foundations - Revolution and the New Nation
  2.  Challenges to an Emerging Nation
  3.  Regional and Economic Growth
  4.  Expansion and Reform
  5.  The Coming of the Civil War
  6.  The Civil War
  7.  Reconstruction
  8.  An Age of Industry
  9.  Current Issues
  10.Citizen Involvement and Public Discourse
The textbook used for our class is Prentice Hall's America: History of our Nation. Information about the textbooks can be accessed through Prentice Hall's website at www.phschool.com.

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