Middle School

Teachers - Melissa Dutton

This page contains the weekly agenda
 ***Parents and students that are absent may find this useful to see what is happening in class and/or what may have been missed.

Week of June 1, 2015
Monday:  Review for Exam-Website and Quizlets
Tuesday:  Review for Exam-Website and Quizlets
                 6th hour Exam TODAY
Wednesday:  1st and 2nd hour EXAM
Thursday:  3rd and 4th hour EXAM
Friday:  5th and 7th hour EXAM--LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER!!  

Week of May 25, 2015
Monday:  Memorial Day-No School
Tuesday:  Energy conversion notes and worksheet pg. 144-157 in the book
Wednesday:  Correct Worksheet
                      Timed Reading and Questions-Energy in a Bike 
                      Energy Crossword puzzle
Thursday:  Energy Conversion examples and paragraphs
Friday:  Energy Usage in MI graphs and data 

Week of May 18, 2015
Monday:  Tests Back and go over, Permission Slips and information for Trip
Tuesday:  Sound and Echo reading and comic strip
                 $18 for MI Adventure trip due today along with permission slips 
Wednesday:  MI Adventure Physics in the Park for Qualifying students
Thursday:   Finish Comic Strip
Friday:  Comic Strips turned in
              Energy Types 

Week of May 11, 2015
Monday:  Quiz in the am
                Circular Rides 
Tuesday:  Circular Rides and Speed
Wednesday:  Review Practice Sheet
Thursday:  Finish Review and get ready for the TEST
Friday:  Qualifying TEST for Physics in the Park at MI Adventure 

Week of May 4, 2015
Monday:  How to find height
Tuesday:  Practice finding height around the school
Wednesday:  M-Step in the am
                      Finish height and measuring circles in the pm
Thursday:  Science M-Step all day 
Friday:  Finish height and measuring circles in the am
              Quiz and accelerometer in the pm 

Week of April 27, 2015
Monday:  Start Physics in the Park
                 Get Pace length
Tuesday:  Practice with Pace Length
Wednesday:  M-Step in the am
                     Finish pace practice in the pm
Thursday:  Science M-Step all day
Friday:  Measuring Triangles 

Week of April 20, 2015
Monday:  Finish Vocab Cards
                Start Sound Wave Notes from Book
Tuesday:  Finish Sound Wave Notes 
Wednesday:  Catch up on any missing work
                      Finish Sound Wave notes
Thursday:  Go over notes, correct, discuss
                  Sound traveling through different mediums Lab
Friday:  Wave Vocab Quiz
              Finish Lab 

Week of April 13, 2015
Monday:  Electromagnetic Spectrum Reading and Questions/Booklet pgs 14-17
                 Finish Light and Wave Worksheets from Before Spring Break
Tuesday:  Electromagnetic Video Clips/Discuss reading and questions
                 Correct Light and waves sheet
                 Investigate How light and heat interact with different materials
Wednesday:  Energy Effects Booklet pg 25-28  
                                 How do Light waves transmit energy when they interact with earth surfaces?
Thursday:  Continue working on lab activity
Friday:  Finish lab
             Wave Vocab Cards-define and study 

Week of April 6-10:  SPRING BREAK!!  RELAX AND ENJOY 

Week of March 30, 2015
Monday: Go over Energy Effects Booklet pages 6-10:  highlight, discuss, and correct
                Do pgs 11-12:  Concept map and Prisms 
Tuesday:  Prism video clip and pg 13 in Energy Effects booklet 
                 Pendulum Lab
Wednesday:  Pendulum Lab-data collection and analysis
Thursday:  Finish Data Analysis
                  Light and Waves worksheet
                  Electromagnetic Waves Timed Reading and Questions
Friday:  NO SCHOOL 

Week of March 23, 2015
Monday:  Waves from the Sun Video clip and Reading with questions
Tuesday: Discuss reading of sun
                Magnets attract and repel
                Nuclear explosions on the sun video clip and question
Wednesday:  Light waves and slinky waves
Thursday:  Slinky and Energy Booklet pgs 8-10
Friday:  Little Shop of Horrors dress rehearsal and M-Step Practice 

Week of March 16, 2015
Monday:  Finish Natural Selection Lab and Questions
Tuesday:  Review Packet work
Wednesday:  Correct Review and answer questions about the test

Week of March 9, 2015
Monday:  Correct Human Inheritance Worksheet
               Genetics Vocab words 9-16
Tuesday:  Advances in Genetics:  Back from the Dead Article and Questions
Wednesday:  Cell Processes and Genetics Quiz #3
                   Finish Back from the Dead Questions
Thursday:  Quizzes Back and Go over
                Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction Video/Power point/Notes 
Friday:  Natural Selection Lab

Week of March 2,2015
Monday:  Finish Smiley Child Wrapping it Up
               Sponge Bob Genetics
Tuesday:  Finish Sponge Bob Genetics
               Corrections to Smiley Child
               Begin Genetic Vocab 1-8
Wednesday:  Cell Processes Quiz #2
                   Go Over Sponge Bob Papers 
                   Finish Vocab 1-8 
Thursday:  Advances in Genetics Discussion and Notes over pages 96-133
Friday:  Finish Notes and Worksheet  

Week of February 23, 2015
Monday:  Smiley face child finish
               Gregor Mendel Reading
Tuesday:  Genetic Inheritance and Gregor Mendel's Punnett Squares 
Wednesday:  Punnett Square Practice
Thursday:  "Genetics with a Smile" Wrap up Activity
Friday:  Finish Wrap up Activity
            Genetics Vocab 1-8 

Week of February 16, 2015
Monday:  Mid-winter break!! NO SCHOOL
Tuesday:  Finish Cell Cycle Flip Books and Questions/Cell Vocab 9-16
Wednesday:  Genetics Intro-Inherited vs. Acquired Traits-Dominant and Recessive Traits
Thursday:  Smiley Face Child-Inheritance example 
Friday:  SNOW DAY!!

 Week of February 9, 2015
Monday:  Make your Own Slides-drawings
Tuesday:  Cell Quiz #2
               Finish ALL slide drawings
               Photosynthesis and Respiration Papers (3)
Wednesday:  Correct Papers/Video clip and song/Chemical Equations
Thursday:  Mitosis intro and begin flip books
Friday:  Mitosis work 

 Week of February 2, 2015
Monday:  2nd day to work on Cell Model Project
Tuesday:  Photosynthesis and Respiration Worksheets
Wednesday:  1/2 day
                    Correct Worksheet/video cells
Thursday:  Hand in Cell Model Projects and Take Cell Quiz #1
                Microscope slides-explain and do
Friday:  Slide work 

 Week of January 26, 2015
Start of 2nd Semester!!
Monday:  Welcome to your new hours!!  Exams Returned and Cells and Genetics Pretest
Tuesday:  Cell Organelle Notes pg 23-31 and Worksheet
Wednesday:  Correct Worksheet, Cell Theory Notes, Color Copy of Cells
Thursday:  Cell Organelles Vocab and Model Project Introduce
Friday:  Finish Vocab and Work on Cell Model 

 Week of January 19, 2015
Monday:  Review Packet-time to work on
Tuesday:  Finish review/correct/play review game
Wednesday:  Exams 1st and 2nd hour
Thursday:  Exams 3rd and 4th hour
Friday:  Exams 5th and 7th hour 

 Week of January 12, 2015
Monday:   Bill Nye-Climate Video
                Pg. 132-133 Climate graphs
Tuesday:  Climate graphs and questions pg. 133
Wednesday:  Environmental Science Notes pg. 84-150 
                   Greenhouse Effect Power Point and Video Clip
                   Global Temperatures and CO2 levels-graphs and Student activity
Thursday:  How Humans Have Impacted the Earth Read/Summarize/Share
Friday:  Temperature Change Video Clip
             Climate Change Impact Sheet, Review Sheet, and Check Sheet 

Week of January 5, 2015  WELCOME BACK!! 
Monday:  Weather Vocab 17-24 as a review of weather terminology
               Climate Notes pg 112-131
Tuesday:  Climate Video Clip
               Finish Climate Notes and Go Over
Wednesday:  Correct Climate Map Activity
                   Climate Lab pg 132-133 
Thursday: Snow Day
Friday:  Snow Day 

Week of December 15, 2014
Monday:  Air Mass and Fronts Notes 
               Weather Map pg 100-106
Tuesday:  Weather Map pg 105 and 106 Conclude and Analyze 1-7
               Weather Map Worksheet
Wednesday:  Corrected Weather Maps
                   Weather Post Test on Quia
                   Weather Quizlets
Thursday:  Weather Quiz #4
                Storm Video-Bill Nye
Friday:  Weather vs. Climate Video Clip
             Climates of the World Activity 

Week of December 8, 2014
Monday:  Weather Vocab 9-16
Tuesday:  Cloud Notes and start Humidity Lab
Wednesday:  Humidity Lab
Thursday:  Weather Quiz #3
                 Finish Humidity Lab
                 Water Worksheet
Friday:  Correct and Collect Water Worksheet
            Air Masses and Fronts Notes and Worksheet 

 Week of December 1, 2014
Monday:  Mr. Parr Heat Transfer Song
                Heat Transfer Worksheet
                Relationship between air pressure, density, and temperature for our weather
Tuesday:  Wind Video Clip
                 Wind Notes pg 52-60
                 Water Cycle Prewrite/draw
Wednesday:  Incredible Journey
Thursday:  Weather Quiz #2
                  Finish Incredible Journey Lab
                  Weather Vocab 9-15
Friday:  Precipitation and Cloud Notes
             Finish Vocab
                    Quizlet Study 

 Week of November 24, 2014
Monday:  Weather Vocab 1-8
Tuesday: Athletic Survey 
                       Temperature Notes pg 48-51 and Worksheet
Wednesday:  NO SCHOOL
Friday:  Good Luck Shopping! 

  Week of November 17, 2014
Monday:  Landing on a Comet-video clips and reading activity
Tuesday:  Weather Pretest
                 Atmosphere Reading and Questions
Wednesday:  1/2 DAY HOURS 4-6
                      Finish Atmosphere Reading and Questions
Thursday:  Air Pressure and Vacuum Packing Students
Friday:  Air Pressure Worksheet and Isobar Weather Map 

Week of November 10, 2014
Monday:  State of Matter Vocab 1-8
                 Get Review Packet for Test
Tuesday:  Matter Post Test on Quia Site--How am I doing?  What do I need to study still?
                 Finish Review packet
Wednesday:  Correct Review Packet
                      Giant Fly Swatter Review Game
Thursday:  Matter TEST
Friday:  TEST Back and go over Making a Line Graph instructions 

 Week of November 3, 2014
Monday:  States of Matter Lab-data collection
                 Homework States of Matter #1 
Tuesday:  State of Matter Project Intro and Lab Analysis
Wednesday:  Finish Lab and Begin Project 
                      Homework States of Matter #2
Thursday:  State of Matter Quiz #1
                  State of Matter Project work on 

Week of October 27, 2014
Monday:  Matter Vocab 17-24 and Get review packet
Tuesday:  Review for TEST-Matter Part I
Wednesday:  Matter Part I Test
Thursday:  Tests Back and Go over
                  New Seats
                  Solid, Liquid, Gas Notes pg 44-48
Friday:  Finish Notes pg 44-48 and State of Matter Physcial Changes Notes pg 62-67
             Bill Nye States of Matter Video 

Week of October 20, 2014
Monday:  Finish up:  Lab, Notes, Vocab 
Tuesday:  Lab Wrap-up and Share-out
                 Go over Notes pg. 24-27
Wednesday:  Chemical Equations and Conservation of Matter Activity
Thursday:  Finish Equations/Notes/Vocab
Friday:  Post Test/Finish Vocab/Review for test 

 Week of October 13, 2014
Monday:  Continue working on Heartburn Lab Data Collection
Tuesday:  Matter Quiz #3
                 Heartburn Lab Analysis
Wednesday:  Heartburn Lab Part II
Thursday:  Finish Heartburn Lab Part II
                  Matter Vocab 9-16
Friday:  Matter Vocab 9-16
              Notes pg. 24-27 

Week of October 6, 2014
Monday:  Finish Building Molecule Lab
                Atoms and Molecule Notes
                Matter Homework #2 
Tuesday:  Matter Quiz #2
                 Atoms and Molecule Notes
                 Chemical Reaction Notes
Wednesday:  Chemical Reaction Notes-go over
                      Chemical Reaction Demos
Thursday:  Chemical Reaction? Labs
Friday:  Heartburn Lab 

 Week of September 29, 2014
Monday:  Finish Element, Compound, Mixture Notes and Begin Identification Lab
Tuesday:  Identification Lab
                 Element, Compound, Mixture Homework 
Wednesday:  Timed Reading
                      Finish ID Lab
                      Matter Vocab 1-8
Thursday:  Matter Quiz #1
                  Finish Matter Vocab 1-8 
Friday: Atomic Theory Notes and Crossword

 Week of September 22, 2014
Monday:  Metric Review- Finish up
                Matter PreTest
Tuesday:  Metric Test
Wednesday:  Matter Pg 14-17 Study guide/Go over
Thursday:  Cube Comparison & pgs. 18-21
Friday:  Element, Compound, Mixture Lab 

Week of September 15, 2014
Monday:  Density of Balls
Tuesday: Finish Density and begin Density Block Lab
Wednesday:  Density Block Lab
Thursday:  Finish Analysis of Lab
                  Metric Quiz #3
Friday:  Metric Vocab
                    Metric Review Packet 

Week of September 9, 2014
Monday:  Finish Volume Lab
                 Metric Prefixes
Tuesday:  Metric Quiz#1
                 Mass Predictions and Sink/Float
Wednesday:  Finding Mass/Checking Predictions
Thursday:  Finish Mass
                  Check Sink/Float and Why???
Friday:  Metric Quiz #2
                    Science World Magazine 

Week of September 2, 2014
Tuesday:  Welcome Back!!
                 Metric Measuring Length
Wednesday:  Finish Length
                      Metric Prefixes
Thursday:  Metric Measuring Volume
Friday:  Finish Volume
              Mass, Volume, and Density Predictions
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