Middle School

Teachers - Melissa Dutton

This page contains the weekly agenda
 ***Parents and students that are absent may find this useful to see what is happening in class and/or what may have been missed.

Week of October 20, 2014
Monday:  Finish up:  Lab, Notes, Vocab 
Tuesday:  Lab Wrap-up and Share-out
                 Go over Notes pg. 24-27
Wednesday:  Chemical Equations and Conservation of Matter Activity
Thursday:  Finish Equations/Notes/Vocab
Friday:  Post Test/Finish Vocab/Review for test 

 Week of October 13, 2014
Monday:  Continue working on Heartburn Lab Data Collection
Tuesday:  Matter Quiz #3
                 Heartburn Lab Analysis
Wednesday:  Heartburn Lab Part II
Thursday:  Finish Heartburn Lab Part II
                  Matter Vocab 9-16
Friday:  Matter Vocab 9-16
              Notes pg. 24-27 

Week of October 6, 2014
Monday:  Finish Building Molecule Lab
                Atoms and Molecule Notes
                Matter Homework #2 
Tuesday:  Matter Quiz #2
                 Atoms and Molecule Notes
                 Chemical Reaction Notes
Wednesday:  Chemical Reaction Notes-go over
                      Chemical Reaction Demos
Thursday:  Chemical Reaction? Labs
Friday:  Heartburn Lab 

 Week of September 29, 2014
Monday:  Finish Element, Compound, Mixture Notes and Begin Identification Lab
Tuesday:  Identification Lab
                 Element, Compound, Mixture Homework 
Wednesday:  Timed Reading
                      Finish ID Lab
                      Matter Vocab 1-8
Thursday:  Matter Quiz #1
                  Finish Matter Vocab 1-8 
Friday: Atomic Theory Notes and Crossword

 Week of September 22, 2014
Monday:  Metric Review- Finish up
                Matter PreTest
Tuesday:  Metric Test
Wednesday:  Matter Pg 14-17 Study guide/Go over
Thursday:  Cube Comparison & pgs. 18-21
Friday:  Element, Compound, Mixture Lab 

Week of September 15, 2014
Monday:  Density of Balls
Tuesday: Finish Density and begin Density Block Lab
Wednesday:  Density Block Lab
Thursday:  Finish Analysis of Lab
                  Metric Quiz #3
Friday:  Metric Vocab
                    Metric Review Packet 

Week of September 9, 2014
Monday:  Finish Volume Lab
                 Metric Prefixes
Tuesday:  Metric Quiz#1
                 Mass Predictions and Sink/Float
Wednesday:  Finding Mass/Checking Predictions
Thursday:  Finish Mass
                  Check Sink/Float and Why???
Friday:  Metric Quiz #2
                    Science World Magazine 

Week of September 2, 2014
Tuesday:  Welcome Back!!
                 Metric Measuring Length
Wednesday:  Finish Length
                      Metric Prefixes
Thursday:  Metric Measuring Volume
Friday:  Finish Volume
              Mass, Volume, and Density Predictions
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