High School

Teachers - Mr. Kurt Kiesgen

Academic Standards
P:1 TLW summarize significant contributions to the field of Psychology and analyze the scientific method.
P:2 TLW analyze a given stimulus situation to determine the components of the nervous and endocrine systems involved and graphically depict and define these components in a sequential format.
P:3 TLW use the principles of conditioning to create and implement a plan that will increase or decrease a specific behavior.
P:4 TLW analyze cognitive, emotional, social, and physical stages of human development.
P:5 TLW analyze and evaluate major theories of personality.
P:6 TLW understand the historical treatment of the mentally ill and differentiate between various types of abnormal behavior and applicable therapies.
P:7 TLW identify and analyze major types of stress and develop positive startegies for coping.
Last Modified on October 22, 2009