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Basic Physical Education & Fitness--Class Syllabus




     This is a required class needed to graduate and is typically taken as a 9th grade student.  This course is a one semester (18 weeks) that is linked to Health class.  This course will provide students with opportunities to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness and increase their knowledge of fitness concepts.  Fitness testing will be conducted as outlined by the “Presidents Physical Fitness Standards” to establish baseline fitness levels.  This class is designed to enhance and improve a student’s physical and mental well being.  A healthy level of physical activity requires participation in all activities. Typically, a week will include emphasis functional flexibility, agility, strength as well as the selected unit activity.  The results are skill development, and improved fitness level, socialization and cooperation among our students and a realistic attitude on the body’s capabilities.  The goal of the P. E. department is for each and every student to leave Oakridge with a base knowledge in a variety of lifetime activities and the desire and the means to maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.






Ø      Warm-up

Ø      Flexibility

Ø      Plyometrics

Ø      Agility

Ø      Strength Training

Ø      Warm-up

Ø      Flexibility

Ø      Unit Activity

Ø      Warm-up

Ø      Flexibility

Ø      Plyometrics

Ø      Agility

Ø      Strength Training

Ø      Warm-up

Ø      Flexibility

Ø      Unit Activity

Ø      Warm-up

Ø      Flexibility

Ø      Agility

Ø      Gameday

Ø      Fitness Opt.



                        *All school rules will apply in addition to the following:

  1. Proper dress for class – Student’s must be safely and appropriately dressed for physical activity.  The intent of the rules and guidelines for proper attire is for the best possible educational experience for all students.  Our intent is for all students to have an effective experience in reference to safety, hygiene and performance.

a.       A complete change of athletic clothing must be worn, including t-shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants, socks and tennis shoes, basketball shoes, cross trainers, etc.  No jean shorts, shorts with belt buckles, half shirts or shirts that don’t adequately cover the upper torso

b.      Classes will be held outdoors in the fall and spring.  Be prepared daily with a jacket, sweatshirt and/or sweatpants.

c.       No jewelry should be worn during class since it can pose a safety hazard.

  1. Positive participation in ALL scheduled activities for the entire hour.
  2. Showering after class is NOT required but, is encouraged because you will perspire in class.


  1. In most cases, one small locker in the P.E. locker room will be assigned to each student.  During class, the lock should be put on the locker with all belongings locked inside
  2. A combination lock will be provided (no key locks will be allowed) and the teacher will record the combination.  The combination should never be given to another student.
  3. Once class begins, no student will be allowed back into the locker room without permission from the teacher.
  4. Valuable belonging (jewelry, purses, wallets, etc.) must be locked or given to the teacher.  Leaving valuables lying around only invites theft.  The PE staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

                                                                                                                                                                     CLASS EXPECTATIONS

  1. Student’s are expected to be in the locker room before the late bell rings
  2. No food or drink is to be consumed in the locker room or gym.
  3. All student’s are to remain in the gym until dismissed by the teacher and remain in the locker room until the bell rings.
  4. Any injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during class so proper action can be taken.
  5. No one is allowed in the training room without permission.
  6. Abuse, destruction or misuse of physical education equipment will not be tolerated.  Obscene language, gestures, harassment or disrespect will not be tolerated.


1.      A student well enough to be in school is generally well enough to be dressed and participating in class.  Any exception to this will be handled on an individual basis.

2.      A note from a parent is required to excuse a student due to injury or illness.  It will be accepted for a maximum of one day.  To be excuse longer will require a doctor’s note.

3.      A student who has become ill at school will discuss the problem with the teacher before the start of class and a decision will be made as to the best course of action for the student to take.

4.      If you have a preexisting medical condition that you feel the teacher should know about please talk with the teacher, bring a note from the doctor or have a parent call.

5.      All athletes are required to participate on game days.

6.      Our physical education curriculum is heavily based on participation.  Credit earned is based on the student being physically present, dressed and being capable of performing basic physical education activities.



  1. Lacrosse                                           7.  Wiffle ball                             
  2. Floor hockey                                    8.   Weight training                             
  3. Olympic Team handball                  9.   Ping pong                              
  4. Basketball                                       10.  Clincher Softball
  5. Fitness Testing                                11.  Indoor Soccer
  6. Volleyball                                       12.  Recreational Flag football  




  1. Physical inactivity contributes to 300,000 preventable deaths a year.
  2. Children born today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.
  3. Nine million children ages 6-19 are overweight – triple since 1980.
  4. Fifty percent of youth 12-21 participate in regular physical activity.
  5. Twenty-eight out of twenty-nine obese teenager’s who leave their teen years obese, remain obese.
  6. The cost of overweight and obesity in the U.S. is $117 billion per year.
  7. One out of three children born in the U.S. today will become diabetic (directly attributed to inactivity and lack of proper nutrition).


Use of the fitness room will be a regular component of this class.  Strength gains will be monitored using individual journals.  Journal keeping is required and will be monitored.  The goal for each student should be to improve his or her current level of fitness.  Training programs are based on an individual basis.  You will not be evaluated based on how you compare with others in the class.  Your goal will simply be to improve on YOUR current fitness level.  Proper use of the your fitness journal WILL factor in to your final grade.


Physical Education



  All students will receive a numerical grade.  This grade is not based on ability but on the fullest possible participation in the class program as designed by the PE. department and implemented by the instructor.

Participation and Preparation – Student’s will be evaluated daily in the following areas:

  • Participates to the best of his/her abilities for the entire class period.
  • Shows good sportsmanship.
  • Follows direction and class rules.
  • Treats equipment with care and in the proper manner.

Point Deductions - Points will be deducted during the period for the following reasons:

  • Shows poor sportsmanship.
  • Uses profanity.
  • Puts others down.
  • Argues with others and/or is insubordinate.
  • Performs unsafe act(s).
  • Student exerts reduced effort during any or all activity and is a distraction to others.
  • Destroys school property.
  • Not properly dressed.


Ø      100 points = A                1.  All students start with 100 points.

Ø        92 points = A-              2.  5 points will be deducted for not being properly dressed.

Ø        89 points = B+              3.  4 points will be deducted for not participating.

Ø        86 points = B                4.  Students are encouraged to participate even if they are not dressed.

Ø        82 points = B-              5.  Excessive unexcused absence of 5 or more will result in a

Ø        79 points = C+                   25 point reduction.

Ø        76 points = C                6.  Each new marking period you will receive 100 points.

Ø        72 points = C-               7.  Dressing but not participating will result in a 9 point deduction.

Ø        69 points = D+                    You must participate to receive your dress points.

Ø        66 points = D                    

Ø        63 points = D-             

Ø        59 points = F   



  1. If a student has lost 9 points due to sitting out because he or she forgot their gym clothes, they may earn back those points by not having any further deductions for the remainder or the marking period and has not had any deduction prior.
  2. A student may earn back a maximum of 10 points by attending (2) ZERO HOUR fitness session at 6:45am.  Sessions must be completed in the same week and attend both days to earn the extra credit points.




Do not keep anything in your gym locker of great value (money, music equipt., Etc.) If you need something secured, give it to your teacher.  The lock that is issued to you is your responsibility.  If you lose it you will be charged $5.00 to replace it.  Be sure you always lock your lock!


Best wishes to you on a Healthy and productive school year!

PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                                                                                                          Class Rules and Expectations




1.      Be on time (in the locker room before the bell rings)

2.      No food, candy or beverages in the locker room.

3.      No glass containers in locker area.

4.      Dress for class and go directly to the gym.

5.      Shoot hoops or any other approved activity.  Absolutely no sitting down in the gym.  Walk if necessary.

6.      When whistle blows, put equipment away and line-up for attendance and announcements.

7.      Class begins.




1.      Participate in all scheduled activities.

2.      Respect one another, facility and equipment.

3.      Never leave the gym without permission.




1.      Everyone leaves the gym at the same time unless given permission.

2.      Go directly to the locker room.

3.      Stay in the locker room until the bell rings.

4.      Be sure your lock is locked before you leave.


“Respect for Everyone and Everything is priority #1”




Unit Objectives


Week 1



P&P Fitness test


Week 2


Fitness Testing

Indoor Soccer

Clincher Ball


Week 3


Clincher Ball

Indoor Soccer


Week 4


Clincher Ball

Indoor Soccer


Week 5


Clincher Ball

Indoor Soccer


Week 6


Indoor Soccer

Kick Ball

End 1st M.P

Week 7




Week 8




Week 9




Week 10




Week 11




Week 12


Volley ball

End 2nd MP.

Week 13


Floor Hockey


Week 14


Floor Hockey


Week 15




Week 16




Week 17




Week 18


Student Choice


Week 19


Semester Exams

Check out & Lock turn in

End 3rd MP.















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